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Health and safety are continuously at the forefront of very industry and its employees. Employee health screening is a term used to describe a range of checks and tests that help identify risks to health and improve well being among staff. They have the potential to benefit both employees and the organisations they work for. In many industries, when an employee first obtains a job, they are taken through a medical screening process which looks at their medical history and current condition and gives them a risk rating.

Pre-employment Medical checkups or Health assessments-In today’s scenario, it is customary for companies to get the health assessment for employees conducted prior to hiring and on annual basis as well. It include from basic screening investigations to highly sophisticated Medical examination needed to determine the candidate's medical fitness required as per the employment.

Existing medications or alignments are also reviewed to check if they may pose any threat to the prospective working condition of which both the employee and employer are informed accordingly.

They can also include the testing of cognitive abilities, physical and motor abilities, personality & emotional intelligence. Drug testing can also be the part of Pre-employment process.

Health surveillance ongoing health checks that may be required by law for employees exposed to particular substances or hazards in the workplace.

Benefits to individuals:

o Access to health information.
o Reduced health risks.
o Improved performance.
o Better mental health

Benefits to organisations:

o Reduced sickness absence levels.
o Greater staff satisfaction.
o Reduced turnover of staff.
o Improved productivity.
o Improved morale and loyalty amongst employees – health screening demonstrates
that employers care about their staff and are dedicated to helping them stay healthy.
o Improved team-working.

Thereby employee health checks offer a variety of benefits both for organisations and the individuals who work for them.

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